1. What the Hell
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Words and Music by David Robert Anderson. Copyright © 2018. All Rights Reserved. BMI IPI #00350706972. 100% Writer 100% Publisher
Male vocals, energetic, sassy, excited, intense, inspired, electric guitar solo, uptempo country, tenor male vocalist
Features Jacob Morris on lead vocal.
I own 200%
For more information or licensing contact:
David Robert Anderson
Email: davidmusicaz@gmail.com
Phone: 623-910-2731


Freeway’s jammed from front to tail
Three weeks’ worth of old junk mail
Beef too tough to even chew
Black scuff marks on my brand new boots
Wall Street’s down at the closing bell
Good Lord, baby, now what the hell

Flat rear tire in the pourin’ rain
A delayed flight drives me insane
A car alarm in the three AM
My Frigidaire’s lookin’ mighty slim
My better half’s bid me farewell
Well good Lord, honey, now what the hell

It’s a feelin’ of loss that I can’t define
Like a cuervo shot without the lime
I can feel my world slippin’ off the rails
Well good Lord, baby, now what the hell

Well it’s time to turn this thing around
Gonna jump in my Chevy and hit the town
There’s a country bar straight dead ahead
With a big ol’ sign flashin’ neon red
If a joint like this can’t break me outta my shell (this spell)
Well good Lord, honey, then nothin’ will

This bodacious bar’s got me feelin’ just right
A Georgia peach that just might bite
Cowboy boots and spaghetti straps
Brunettes and blondes under Stetson hats
Don’t forget the redheads helpin’ me as well
Well good Lord, baby, now what the hell

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned
In this crazy life
It’s to live for today
Cause luck can turn on a dime
There ain’t no “Aw shucks” here
No “I’ll get em’ next time”
Cause I’m back in the saddle
And I’m in my prime

And this honky tonk
Is sure rockin’ tonight
Gonna forget my troubles
And make it right
So grab a girl
And get ready to yell,
Uh haw now baby, now what the hell!!!